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“Mentoring is a partnership in which a mentee is assisted in making significant advances in knowledge, perspective and vision in order to develop their full potential; the mentor's wisdom is utilized by the mentee to facilitate and enhance new learning and insight” 
The mentoring ministry provides an opportunity to connect people. St Johns' parish is a community blessed with an abundance of resources and is particularly rich in the life experience and skills of our members.  As a well-resourced Parish in a country with a widening disparity between rich and poor, we have an opportunity to share these resources with the wider parish and with those outside the church. We have members who are willing to give of their time to mentor those fellow Christians who would like to develop to their full potential.

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Marc Gammon, 25/09/2012

Zumba Fitness
6:00pm Monday 30 May, St Philip's Church, Range Road, Kenwyn
It’s all Greek to me!
7:00pm Tuesday 31 May, St John’s Church, St Johns Road, Wynberg
MFT Small Groups
11:00am Wednesday 1 June, Various locations
MFT Small groups
7:00pm Wednesday 1 June, Various locations